Take your customer support to the next level.

Easily create SaaS tutorial videos for onboarding users, answering support tickets and troubleshooting issues. Spectacle is the only tool that automatically syncs with your product for always up-to-date videos.

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Header: Customer support videos


SaaS Tutorial videos for any instance

Create in-depth tutorials & demos
Like teaching users how to use different views
Or quick highlights of your product
Like a quick visual on how to comment on a task

Example:monday.com logo

How support teams use Spectacle

Creating SaaS tutorials & product demos

Maintaining help center documentation

Improving customer onboarding

Providing clear technical support

Feature: Click on Solutions

Why Spectacle

Transform support articles into user-friendly videos

Save time on support

Make it easy for customers to understand with a video demonstration. Reduce the back and forth in support tickets using Text-to-Speech instructions.

Guide customers step-by-step

Create knowledge base videos for common questions that can be easily updated and maintained. Update your SaaS tutorial videos to automatically sync with product changes without having to re-do your entire help center.

Share quickly & easily

Share and embed your videos on your website, support chat, and anywhere else you reach your customers. Improve the customer experience with always up-to-date videos readily available.

Update customer support videos in minutes, not months.

Hit re-record and get an updated version with a few clicks. The video link and embed code will always show the latest successful recording.

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Feature: Voiceover with Icon (English)


All the features you need

Use Text-to-Speech (TTS) voiceover

Choose from over 30 voices in different languages and dialects.

Add subtitles to your video

Enable subtitles automatically with any voiceover.

Control playback speed

Set your own pace and video duration with speed control.