How Spectacle works

Say goodbye to time-consuming screen recording processes involving expensive, bulky tools. Edit, add, or remove Actions from your product videos at any time with Spectacle.

1. Capture

Record and capture actions on your screen

  • Install Spectacle’s Chrome extension

  • Hit start and capture actions your screen

  • Each action, like a mouse click or form fill, is recorded

After this, you’ll see a live preview of your video and timeline of Actions. Each Action can be individually edited by adjusting the length, setting playback speed and adding zoom.

2. Create

Create and customize your video in the timeline

  • Add text-to-speech voiceover & subtitles from 30+ voices

  • Include background music and .mp4 video

  • Adjust playback speed and add zoom functionality

Whenever your product changes, so can the customizations above. Edit your voiceover script at any time, switch to another AI-generated language, and set timing for individual Actions for a perfectly synchronized video.

3. Generate

Generate your video and share anywhere

  • Generate and view your video

  • Quickly grab your video link, embed code or GIF

  • Share and embed wherever you’d like

Embed directly on your site, create attention-grabbing GIFs or download for offline viewing. The link and embed code will always show the latest successful recording.

4. Update

Regenerate and automatically sync with changes

  • Open an existing video in Spectacle

  • (Re)capture any new features, actions or steps

  • Your video is automatically updated to reflect any changes

When it's time to update the video (e.g. after product changes), you can hit the button and Spectacle's bot will create a new version of your video by replaying the actions on the timeline while simultaneously recording the screen.

Don't just record your screen. Capture your online product.

Edit at any time

Don't worry about getting it perfect the first time. Unlike traditional screen recording, Spectacle allows you to edit, add, or remove Actions from your video whenever necessary, offering unmatched flexibility and control.

Enhanced video quality

Eliminate the shaky visuals, distracting mouse movements, and sluggish load pages from your videos. Deliver a professional feel with individual Action trimming, playback speed adjustments, voiceover alignment, and added zoom functionality.

Aligned with your brand

Create videos without compromising quality or consistency. Maintain the same look and feel across all your recordings, regardless of who's creating the video. Your entire team can use Spectacle, no experience or equipment required.

Maintain effortlessly

Free yourself from recreating videos with every software or website update. Spectacle simplifies the process by allowing you to generate updated videos automatically with a single click—no need for reshoots, saving you time and resources.

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