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Free yourself from recreating videos with every software update. Create dynamic product demo videos & GIFs with seamless flexibility. Record once, edit anytime and automatically update product demos to sync with product changes.

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SaaS Tutorial videos for any instance

Create in-depth tutorials & demos
Like teaching users how to use different views
Or quick highlights of your product
Like a quick visual on how to comment on a task logo

How Spectacle works

Capture and record actions

Begin with installing the Spectacle Chrome Extension. Hit start and record actions (clicks, form fills, etc.) on your screen.

Create your product video

Use AI voiceover using text-to-speech, adjust playback speed and length, add zoom functionality, and finish with background music.

Generate and share

Share and embed videos & GIFs across all platforms. The video link and embed code will always show the latest successful recording.

Update automatically

When you need to change your video, hit regenerate and get an updated version in just minutes. (Re)capture any new features, actions or steps.
Feature: Click on Solutions — Record video

Why Spectacle

Meet Spectacle: the product demo video maker for SaaS

Whether it’s a new feature release, a redesigned UI or simply a routine product update — SaaS moves fast and frequently. Maintaining your product demos to reflect every product can be a time-consuming process and an expensive investment. 

That’s why Spectacle was designed specifically with SaaS companies in mind. 

Spectacle captures every action (clicks, form submissions, etc.) and arranges those on a timeline to generate a video. This makes it easy to update, add or remove actions, and keep your videos up-to-date.

When your product changes, hit regenerate and get an updated version on the spot. 

No more reshoots, no more starting over, no more outdated videos.

Need to make a change? Edit and update product demos at any time.

Upgrade from outdated, static screen recordings. Create dynamic, maintainable product demos that adapt to your product changes effortlessly.

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Feature: Voiceover (English, German, Portugese)


All the features you need

Demo your product with AI voiceover & generate subtitles

Choose from 30+ AI voices, languages, and accents to match your video's style and target audience. Your text-to-speech (TTS) voiceover script can be edited and adjusted whenever you want.

Easily customize with built-in video editing tools

Add studio-quality video effects like background music and .mp4 media. Finish with individual Action trimming, playback speed adjustments, voiceover alignment, and added zoom functionality for a flawless finish.

Share and implement across all channels

Embed directly on your website, share directly using permanent links, create attention-grabbing GIFs or download for offline viewing. Embed codes & links always show the last successful recording.