Product videos that automatically

with product changes

Effortlessly create and maintain your website’s videos and GIFs with Spectacle. Record once, edit anytime, and automatically update videos to reflect the latest product changes. Up-to-date videos for SaaS, completely hassle-free.

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SaaS Tutorial videos for any instance

Create in-depth tutorials & demos
Like teaching users how to use different views
Or quick highlights of your product
Like a quick visual on how to comment on a task logo

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How it works

Don't just record your screen. Capture your online product.

1. Create

Record and capture actions.

  • Hit start and capture actions on your screen
  • Each action, like a mouse click or form fill, is recorded
  • Add voice over with 30+ languages and localizations

2. Generate

See and share your video.

  • Generate and view your recording
  • Quickly grab your video link or embed code
  • Share and embed wherever you’d like

3. Regenerate

Automatically sync with product changes.

  • When you need to change your video, hit regenerate
  • (Re)capture any new features, actions or steps
  • Your video is automatically updated to reflect any changes

Screen Recording Just Got an Upgrade: Meet Spectacle.

A better (and easier) way to show your online product.

Easy to use

Say goodbye to time-consuming screen recording processes involving expensive, bulky tools.

Spectacle empowers your entire team to create high-quality videos, no experience or equipment required.

Edit at any time

Don't worry about getting it perfect the first time.

Unlike traditional screen recording, Spectacle allows you to edit, add, or remove Actions from your video whenever necessary, offering unmatched flexibility and control.

Enhanced quality

Eliminate the shaky visuals, distracting mouse movements, and sluggish load pages from your videos.

Deliver a professional feel with individual Action trimming, playback speed adjustments, voiceover alignment, and added zoom functionality.

More control

No more settling for awkward blurs or edits to hide sensitive information.

Have complete control over what's shown on your screen by removing certain Actions (ones you don’t want shown) to before or after recording sections.

Aligned with your brand

Create videos without compromising quality or consistency.

Maintain the same look and feel across all your recordings, regardless of who's creating the video.

Maintain effortlessly

Free yourself from recreating videos with every software or website update.

Spectacle simplifies the process by allowing you to generate updated videos automatically with a single click—no need for reshoots, saving you time and resources.

Voice Over Feature


All the features you need

Share your videos seamlessly across all platforms

Embed directly on your site, use permanent links, create attention-grabbing GIFs or download for offline viewing. Embed codes & links always show the last successful recording.

Add Text-to-Speech (TTS) voiceover & subtitles

Choose from 30+ AI voices, languages, and accents to match your video's style and target audience. Your voiceover script can be edited and adjusted at any time.

Enhance using studio-quality video effects

Add background music and custom video content like .mp4 media files or animated logos. No cameras, microphones, or video editing equipment needed.

Perfectly time your video with precision editing tools

Adjust playback speed, add zoom functionality, and set timing for individual Actions for a flawlessly synchronized outcome.

A video maker designed specifically for SaaS.

Explore the ways you can save time and improve the customer experience with SaaS tutorials and product demos.


Take your customer support to the next level.

Spectacle is simple and straightforward — making it easy for anyone to create. Use text-to-speech voiceover for detailed instructions, edit and adjust your video at any time, and keep your support documentation current with a click of a button.


Drive your product roadmap forward.

From idea to implementation, share every product update using video. Whenever there’s a change, Spectacle automatically updates your product videos so you can quickly publish and share new features in real time.


Customize the sales experience.

Show your product in a way cold emails can’t. Easily create demos and accelerate your sales cycle. Tailor videos to fit individual prospect needs and better engage prospects with a personalized pitch.

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