Create SaaS product videos a smarter way

Capture your online product with professional-quality videos & GIFs. Spectacle automatically updates and syncs videos with product changes, making it easier to maintain product documentation and share new feature highlights in real time.

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SaaS Tutorial videos for any instance

Create in-depth tutorials & demos
Like teaching users how to use different views
Or quick highlights of your product
Like a quick visual on how to comment on a task logo

How product teams use Spectacle

Creating step-by-step guides & tutorials

Quickly record and capture actions on your screen using Spectacle's Chrome extension to generate a video.

Documenting product updates

Edit & adjust videos at any time, and automatically update videos to reflect the latest product changes.

Onboarding new users & team members

Create and customize your video with voiceover, subtitles & background music to fit with any audience.

Announcing new feature releases

Embed product demo videos directly on your site or use engaging GIFs in feature announcements.
Feature: Click on Solutions

Why Spectacle

Automate creating product guides & how-to videos with Spectacle

Upgrade from outdated, static screen recordings

Showcase your product without needing bulky editing tools or time-consuming processes. Unlike traditional screen recording, Spectacle allows you to edit, add, or remove Actions from your video as needed. Capture once and edit anytime — no reshoots needed.

Save time maintaining product documentation

Free yourself from recreating videos with every software or website update. When your product changes, hit regenerate and get an updated version right away. Embed codes & links always show the last successful recording without needing to manually update.

Share every new product releases in real time

Proactively inform your customers about feature updates as they become available. Enhance every product release with dynamic GIFs and branded videos. Leverage Text-to-Speech voiceover to effectively communicate new functionalities and increase engagement.

Show product changes in real time with automatic video updates

Update product videos in minutes, not months. Hit re-record and get an updated version with a few clicks. Share internally with your product team, or embed the video directly on your website.

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Feature: Voiceover (French, Spanish)


All the features you need

Share product videos across all platforms

Embed videos directly on your site, share using permanent links, create attention-grabbing GIFs or download for offline viewing. Embed codes & links always show the last successful recording.

Add voiceover, subtitles & background music

Make your product videos accessible to everyone using Text-to-Speech (TTS) voiceover with 30+ AI voices, languages, and accents. Your voiceover script can be edited and adjusted at any time.

Use editing tools for perfectly timed videos

Deliver a professional feel with individual Action trimming, playback speed adjustments, voiceover alignment, and added zoom functionality. No need for cameras, microphones, or video editing equipment.