A new way to create product, support and tutorial videos.

Spectacle is the only tool for creating on-brand videos that automatically update when your product does. Record and publish in just a few clicks.
No experience required.

Spectacle app screenshot

How Spectacle works

Goodbye bulky tools and costly vendors. Hello hassle-free.

1. Create

Record and capture actions on your screen.

  • Hit start and capture actions on your screen
  • Each action, like a click or form fill, is recorded
  • Then add in your voice over (Text-to-Speech)

2. Generate

See and share your video.

  • Generate and view your recording
  • Quickly grab your video link
  • Share and embed wherever you’d like

3. Update

Automatically sync website/product changes.

  • Open an existing video in Spectacle
  • (Optionally) add or remove actions
  • The video updates automatically to reflect changes

Use Cases

All-in-one platform

Remove the barrier between people and your product with always-up-to-date videos.


Take your customer support to the next level.

Spectacle is simple and straightforward — making it easy for anyone to create. Answer common questions with visual support docs and resolve issues faster with customized, in-context video responses.


Drive your product roadmap forward.

From idea to implementation, share every product update using video. Whenever there’s a change, Spectacle automatically updates your videos so you can quickly publish and share new features in real time.


Customize the sales experience.

Show your product in a way cold emails can’t. Create tailored demos to fit individual needs and use-cases, and better engage prospects with a personalized sales pitch of your product.

Why Spectacle

A better (and easier) way to show your online product.

Easy and Accessible

Bulky tools and big budgets aren't necessary.

Your entire team can create professional videos with Spectacle, no experience needed.

Aligned with your brand

Every video will have the same look and feel.

Create videos without compromising quality or consistency.

Always up to date

Don’t waste time and resources on creating new videos with every update.

With one click, generate a new video to sync with any changes.